Why You Should Hire an Expert Photo Booth Company for Your Next Event

Photo booth rentals are about so much more than just taking a few snapshots. It’s a style of photography that quickly captures the fun and long-lasting memories. At Minne Photo Booth, we offer the best professional photo booth rentals in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo booth rentals are a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to add some serious pizzazz to any function. Choose from custom templates, backdrops, and messages to make sure your guests will never forget this experience. We use state of the art equipment for all our photography. High-quality images, hours of fun, and long-lasting memories are what we do best.

Our photo boots are suited for any event. From weddings, birthday parties, reunions, graduation parties, our photo booths will surely entertain guests at your next shindig. Plus, we offer special branding packages for marketing and corporate events to display your company’s logo loud and proud on the pictures. We create unique photo experiences and opportunities for each event. Our customized traveling photo booths mean that we can take it to Saint Paul, Minneapolis, or anywhere in Minnesota.

minneapolis photo booth
Minneapolis Special Event Photo Booth

Why Should you Leave it to the Experts?

When it comes to photography, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals to ensure the ideal outcome. Our team of professional photographers will set up the photo booth and stay to make sure each guest is happy with their photos. The photos are ready with in seconds meaning your guests can quickly upload to their social media platforms and share them with friends and family. We also offer a printout of our photos so guests can physically hang on to their pictures and take it home.

What will our experts do for you?

To put it simply, everything. Whenever you say go, we are here to provide a custom photo booth with stellar photos. Hiring an expert photo booth company means the hassle and headache is out of your hands. We come fully equipped to handle any sized party with stunning backdrops, props, and costumes in tow. One of our hosts will be there to liven up the mood, attract attention to the booth, and help guests get the perfect snapshot. We set up a table for props and costumes and encourage guests to use their imaginations to create the ideal shot.

Help Reduce the Stress of Event Planning with an Expert Photo Booth Company:

Are you in charge of a big networking event, private party, or grand opening of a new store? Any way you look at it, planning big events is stressful. Help eliminate some of the stress that comes with planning an event, big or small. We guarantee our photo booths will make a lasting impression on your guests. Let us worry about the setup. You get to do the fun stuff like choosing the color scheme, backdrops, props, and costumes that you think will get your guests ready to party.

Take a look at our photo booths and decide what is the best fit for your event! Don’t forget to ask us about our drop off and pickup option! We’re capable of doing permanent installs! 

Kaitlin Michaud
Kaitlin Michaud
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I would highly recommend this company. Kevin is great! His work is wonderful. He takes pride in his work and provides an honest service. I will absolutely be using him again in the future.

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