Single Side Backdrops


Take your marketing and photo booth experience to another level with one of our backdrops. Customize your backdrop or choose from one of many designs. Complete your backdrop setup with our stand by adding it to your order. All our stands come with oversized base to make sure that it doesn’t tip over at your event!

8ft x 8ft (243cm x 243cm)
All our stands ship with over size base.

List all designs requested for the bundle with exact names and list them front to back. Please put in the notes in the “Custom Order Notes” section before your order, if you run into issues please reach out to support@minnephotobooth.com

Minne Photo Booth is not responsible for putting backdrops in any other order unless specified so please list front/back.

Note: Not all frames are made equal. Tension fabric backdrops must be used with Minne Photo Booth’s tension fabric frame. If you combine fabrics with another frame then it may not fit.


Processing time frame: 1-3 business days
Delivery time frame: 5 – 7 business days (48 Continental US)
Expected delivery time frame after design + processing: 10-14 Business Days
(Rush delivery is available upon special request and additional fees.)
Minne Photo Booth is not responsible for any taxes and duties on any products shipped to other countries.

Shipping outside the U.S.  must submit your order via email to support@minnephotobooth.com for quote.

Download custom design template:


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    The durable pillow case design allows for easy setup of your photo booth stand, slip your sweet pillow case photo booth backdrop over it our designed stand, and slide it into position.  The backdrops are designed to last and made of the highest quality materials.

    Available Backdrop Designs (custom or additional designs are available upon requests just email us design@minnephotobooth.com):

    More backdrops will be listed soon! Email us to get to see our exclusive catalog!


    Additional information

    Choose Stand Compatibility

    8×8 Pillow Case Stand, Adjustable Stand

    Add A Stand Type?

    No Stand, Standard 8ft by 8ft, Standard w/ center support 8ft by 8ft

    Backdrop #1

    3D_Silver_Black_1, 3D_Silver_Black_2, 3D_Silver_Black_3, 3D_Silver_Black_4, 3D_Silver_Black_5, 3D_Silver_Black_6, 3D_Silver_Black_7, 3D_Silver_Black_8, 3D_Silver_Black_9, 3D_Silver_Black_10, 3D_Geometric_Black_1, 3D_Geometric_Black_2, 3D_Geometric_Black_3, 3D_Geometric_Black_4, 3D_Geometric_Black_5, 3D_Geometric_Black_6, Baby_1, Baby_2, Baby_3, Baby_4, Baby_5, Baby_6, Balloon_1, Balloon_2, Balloon_3, Balloon_4, Balloon_5, Balloon_6, Balloon_7, Balloon_8, Balloon_9, Balloon_10, Balloon_11, Balloon_12, Black_and_Gold_1, Black_and_Gold_2, Black_and_Gold_3, Black_and_Gold_4, Black_and_Gold_5, Black_and_Gold_6, Black_and_Gold_7, Black_and_Gold_8, Black_and_Gold_9, Black_and_Gold_10, Black_and_Gold_11, Black_and_Gold_12, Black_and_Gold_13, Black_and_Gold_14, Black_and_Gold_15, Black_and_Gold_16, Black_and_Gold_17, Bokeh_1, Bokeh_2, Bokeh_3, Bokeh_4, Bokeh_5, Bokeh_6, Bokeh_7, Bokeh_8, Bokeh_9, Bokeh_10, Bokeh_11, Casino_1, Casino_2, Casino_3, Casino_4, Casino_5, Casino_6, Casino_7, Casino_8, Casino_9, Christmas_1, Christmas_2, Christmas_3, Christmas_4, Christmas_5, Christmas_6, Christmas_7, Christmas_8, Christmas_9, Christmas_10, Christmas_11, Christmas_12, Christmas_13, Christmas_14, Christmas_15, Christmas_16, Christmas_17, Comic_1, Comic_2, Comic_3, Comic_4, Comic_5, Disco_1, Disco_2, Disco_3, Disco_4, Disco_5, Flower_1, Flower_2, Flower_3, Flower_4, Flower_5, Flower_6, Flower_7, Flower_8, Flower_9, Flower_10, Flower_11, Flower_12, Flower_13, Flower_14, Flower_15, Flower_16, Flower_17, Flower_18, Flower_19, Flower_20, Flower_21, Flower_22, Flower_23, Flower_24, Flower_25, Flower_26, Flower_27, Flower_28, Flower_29, Flower_30, Flower_31, Flower_32, Flower_33, Flower_34, Flower_35, Flower_36, Flower_37, Flower_38, Flower_39, Flower_40, Flower_41, Flower_42, Flower_43, Flower_44, Flower_45, Flower_46, Flower_47, Flower_48, Flower_49, Flower_50, Flower_51, Flower_52, Flower_53, Flower_54, Futuristic_1, Futuristic_2, Futuristic_3, Futuristic_4, Futuristic_5, Futuristic_6, Futuristic_7, Futuristic_8, Futuristic_9, Futuristic_10, Futuristic_11, Futuristic_12, Futuristic_13, Futuristic_14, Futuristic_15, Futuristic_16, Halloween_1, Halloween_2, Halloween_3, Halloween_4, Halloween_5, Halloween_6, Halloween_7, Halloween_8, Halloween_9, Halloween_10, Halloween_11, Halloween_12, Halloween_13, Halloween_14, Halloween_15, Halloween_16, Halloween_17, Halloween_18, Halloween_19, Halloween_20, Halloween_21, Halloween_22, Halloween_23, Halloween_24, Halloween_25, Halloween_26, Halloween_27, Halloween_28, Love_1, Love_2, Love_3, Love_4, Love_5, Love_6, Love_7, Love_8, Love_9, Love_10, Love_11, Love_12, Love_13, Love_14, Love_15, Love_16, Love_17, Love_18, Love_19, Neon_1, Neon_2, Neon_3, Neon_4, Neon_5, Neon_6, Neon_7, Neon_8, Neon_9, Neon_10, Neon_11, Neon_12, Neon_13, Neon_14, Patriotic_1, Patriotic_2, Patriotic_3, Patriotic_4, Patriotic_5, Patriotic_6, Patriotic_7, Patriotic_8, Patriotic_9, Patriotic_10, Mock_backdrop_web, Retro_1, Retro_2, Retro_3, Retro_4, Retro_5, Retro_6, Retro_7, Retro_8, Retro_9, Retro_10, Retro_11, Retro_12, Retro_13, Retro_14, Retro_15, Retro_16, Season_1, Season_2, Season_3, Season_4, Season_5, Season_6, Season_7, Season_8, Season_9, Season_10, Season_20, Season_21, Season_22, Season_23, Solid_black, Solid_blue, Solid_green, Solid_orange, Solid_pink, Solid_purple, Solid_red, Solid_white, Sparkling_1, Sparkling_2, Sparkling_3, Sparkling_4, Sparkling_5, Sparkling_6, Sparkling_7, Sparkling_8, Sparkling_9, Stadium_1, Stadium_2, Stadium_3, Stadium_4, Stadium_5, Stadium_6, Stadium_7, Wall_1, Wall_2, Wall_3, Wall_4, Wall_5, Wall_6, Wall_7, Wall_8, Wall_9, Wall_10, Wall_11, Wall_12, Wall_13, Wall_14, Wall_15, Wall_16, Wall_17


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