Open Air Booths versus Enclosed Booths

Which photo booth to choose an open air photo booth or enclosed? What’s the difference, and which one will make your event pop? If you’re throwing an event in Minneapolis and looking to make an impact on your guests, a photo booth rental is one of the easiest ways to amp up any gathering. We offer both types of photo booth rentals for events in the Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas. Before deciding which photo booth is best for you, let’s dive into what makes them different.


Open Air Booths:

An open air photo booth is a professional camera set-up with a backdrop. There are no side walls in an open air booth. The design is more sleek and slender than an enclosed box, giving it a much more modern feel. Our open air photo booths easily fit in smaller spaces, and the white color easily blends with any aesthetic. Get the same professional quality photos as you would with an enclosed booth but without the bulk.

There will be no more disputes about who can fit in the frame anymore, either. With an open air photo booth, if you and your friends can all fit within a camera frame, then you can all take a photo together, as opposed to an enclosed booth, which usually only holds 2 to 4 people. There’s no doubt which photo booth to choose when you’re trying to fit a large group of people into a picture. The only thing to remember with an open air booth is the lack of privacy. Like taking a selfie, everyone will be able to see what you’re doing. While it may not be a burden to many, if you want a more intimate shot, it’s something to consider.


Minne Photo Booth open air photo booth setup

Best For:

  • Public parties
  • Store openings
  • Marketing events
  • Modern-style weddings
  • Smaller spaces
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Minne Photo Booth Vogue Booth Display

Best For:

  • Private parties
  • Weddings
  • Indoor corporate events
  • Larger venues

Enclosed Booths:

When you think of a photo booth or photo booth photography, your mind will most likely go to an enclosed booth. It’s usually seen as the “classic” type of photo booth. You may have seen this kind of photo booth at a mall or a fair. Often considered the more ‘old school’ option of two. However, the charm of an enclosed photo booth is unparalleled.

These are the private booths with four enclosed walls. Inside an enclosed photo booth, outsiders won’t be able to see anything. Complete privacy is one of the biggest advantages and differences between open air booths and enclosed booths. They allow users to create more intimate photos; this is great for anyone who is on the shy side. On the other hand, a closed booth will also give you the chance to make silly faces that you may not want a crowd of people to see. Even in the middle of a crowded venue, you and the people inside the booth will feel completely solo. No one can see in, and no one can see out of the thick photo booth walls. These are just a few things to consider…which photo booth photo booth will you choose?


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